Tips and Strategies for Beginners in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game!

In Kim Kardashian Hollywood game players have the main objective to become the best celebrity by increased their fan following. This game is available for Android and iOS devices because it runs very smoothly or without getting hanged.

However, one of the best reasons behind its popularity is its amazing features and vivid graphics which attract more and more children. Gamers have to change their character’s appearance with hundreds of fashionable clothes and other accessories on time to time. If you want to generate every type of currency without spending anything, then you can take help from kim k cheats.

Useful Tips and Tricks!

Tips help the gamers in making things easier or understand it. Without any delay of time, let’s discuss some essential tips in lateral paragraphs.

Watch Video for some for free Star and Cash!

As soon as you watch promotional videos, then you can get some rewards in the form of stars and cash or even at free of cost. One thing you should keep in mind is that always open the game for taking some additional resources without missing a single day.

Don’t Use the Stars to buy Clothes!

Gamers have complete information about where they can spend the resources; one wrong step may lose the stars. In details, you don’t use the stars to but the outfits because these types of items are automatically unlocked as you level up. With the help of kim k cheats, you can get funds in a massive amount without investing your real or virtual money.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – Tips & Guide to progress in the game

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – Tips & Guide to progress in the game

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a role-playing game released by Glu games in the mid year of 2014. After the launch of the game, it gained huge popularity and earned 30 million in its first quarter. Kim Kardashian is already a very famous personality in the world, and that is why this game also became popular. The main goal of the game is to gain popularity and become a celebrity. You can buy various products in the game from currencies and Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack services.


The game contains various types of activities and tasks, the user of the game needs to complete the tasks to be famous. The game is based on a storyline, at the beginning of the game, the player needs to create a character. The user of the game has many choices like how they want their character looks like, hairstyle, gender, body-colour, eyes, eyebrows, lips, body shape. In this entire category, players have to choose what kind of player they want to create also Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack is helpful to complete the game. Kim Kardashian is famous all around the world, and her profession is modelling and designing. Same as her life story, the character has a story; to be famous all player needs do every possible way that will make their character a celebrity.


In the game, so many characters appear in the storyline, and it is compulsory to interact properly with everyone because a positive & happy interaction also gives experience points, which help in gaining popularity. Few main characters are written below –

·           Cassio

·           Raul Ferro

·           Rival

·           Sandra Kirkland

·           Julio Romero

·           Prince Aston

·           Crystal Fletcher

·           Chad Dylan Parker

These characters are important in the game, and these characters provide most of the popularity and experience points.

Incredibly Useful Tips For Episode Choose Your Story


Fear? Not if you use episode choose your story features in the perfect manner.  There are hundreds of thousands of users facing tons of complications and unable to move forward with ease.  If you are one of them, then no need to worry about anything.  Through this article, you will attain appropriate relevant detailed information about the Episode Choose Your Story game, which leads the users to obtain the celebrity status without making too many efforts. 

You might be familiar with the gameplay, in which users have to guide the main character of the story towards success. In order to do these sorts of things, gamers need gems and pass to make the uncharted path for the character convenient.  Gems are the premium currency of the game, which supports the users in the critical time by using them.   On the flip side, episode passes hack are the main currency, which offers the gamers to purchase tons of interesting stuff in exchange of the passes and also you can easily read the next episode by skip the time gap of the story in Episode Choose Your Story game.

Private Server Mod Brief

The private sever mod is one of the keys, which unlocks the Episode Choose Your Story mysteries without wasting too much time.  All you need to do is download the private server mod from online.  There are tons of users provide the Episode Choose Your Story private mod.  If you are interested to gain an enormous amount of in-game resource, then check out these sorts of the app now and gain success easily.

As mentioned earlier, it provides huge amount of gems for free, whereas it will replace the original app of the game.  However, it will worth spending the time to get entertained in the spare time.

Focus on 2 Main Aspects of Design Home

If you are a Design Home player, then you simply know everything about it such as how to play it, what to do in it and all other things also. It is the only way to make quick progress in Design Home and also by doing so you quickly go ahead. First of all, you simply have to learn all the basics of Design Home. Therefore, lets’ start with the game creators and that is Crowdstar Inc. another thing is that the size of the game is 85 MB and it is for both IOS and Android platforms.

In-game Currency

In Design Home, there are mainly 2 forms of in-game currency present. The first one is in the form of cash and another one is in the form of diamonds. These two are used for buying many essential things, such as home decorative and renovation items and also for unlocking many things also.

Now, one major thing for all players is that they are free to use Design Home Hack option to add unlimited amount to cash and diamonds to their game account. With the same option, gamers don’t only get currency but they also get rewards and all other useful things.

Design Home challenges and events

Here in the game, players are provided with lots of events and Design Home challenges as well. They have to complete these events or challenges more in numbers as to make progress in Design Home easily. Also, by doing so, they get a good amount of in-game currency in both forms i.e. cash and diamonds. Completing challenges is the best option to make progress in Design Home and also gamers use Design Home Hack or cheats to make quick progress by adding everything they want to their game account.

Solid Reasons To Avoid The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay is one of the biggest platforms available for the users to get entertained in the spare time.  This game is published by the Electronic Arts for both Android as well as the iOS device. It is initially published for the PC platform.  But after obtaining an enormous amount of reputation, the creators of The Sims FreePlay game have deiced to offer the gamer for other platforms.  Normally, the game is based on the crafting genre, in which players have to construct numerous sorts of structures in order to fabricate their own town.

 Do you ever wish to rule the city?  Well, if yes, then download The Sims FreePlay game now and fulfill your deep desire and have fun in the leisure time. You might get amazed that there are millions of users and hundreds of thousands of players are playing actively.  The Sims FreePlay offers various sorts of elements, which you can activate in order to walk on the uncharted path of The Sims FreePlay game without facing too many complications. If you are interested too, then don’t miss the golden opportunity and install The Sims FreePlay game from your on-device app store.

Tips For The Sims FreePlay Success

You might be familiar with the gameplay, which allows the users to create their own dream world.  However, there is some game who are unable to move on further due to less experience as well as knowledge of the game; that’s why read the given below instruction and overcome all your hurdles without making too much effort.

•    Don’t Miss Daily Bonus – The game offers regular rewards to the players in order to encourage them.  As you know that due to the limited access to the resources leads the users to end up facing disappointment.  To resolve this issue, The Sims FreePlay game gives free gift or rewards for the players.  Try it now and gain success with ease.

•    Avoid Using Hard Earned Money – You can also allocate the real money in the game to obtain enormous amount of in-game resources. If you are suffering for the problems of currency them this is one of the effective solution to overcome it.  But according to some devoted players, the virtual world of The Sims FreePlay game is changing.  There  are Lots of new elements going to introduce so it better to follow normal method rather than wasting real cash in the game.

•    Follow Social Media Account:  This is the best technique to gain the tips from the developers.  There are numerous sorts of mysteries still not unlocked by the gamers.  In order to learn about them and also to make the tactics accordingly, you need to follow the social media account of the developers to obtain success relevant information with ease.

•    Primary Currency: Simoleons are the main resource of The Sims FreePlay Hack, which supports the users to purchase most of the in-game items without facing too many complications.  What is in-game stuff?  Well, the products which can be used to ease the path to reach the peak point of The Sims FreePlay game.  Use it appropriately and attain victory.

Final Judgment

If you playing the Sims FreePlay game for the first time, then read the above-mentioned tips and tricks carefully and resolve all the troubles without facing too many hassles.  No need to worry about earning the resources too much, all you need to do is focus on making the better town or city.  With the magnificent town easily grab you with the enormous amount of currencies i.e. Simoleons, Lifestyle points as well as Social Points with ease. 

Marvel contest of champions- Top tips for the contest of champions


The marvel contest of champion is a most favorite mobile fighting game on the internet. The main strategy of this game is that the Marvel heroes fighting against each other in the brawling combat. Once start playing this game, the players need to gather a certain amount of heroes from the Marvel Universe and know about each of their own weaknesses, strengths as well as unique special attacks. The benefits of playing marvel contest of champions are accessible game play, a huge roster of collectible characters and the amazing graphics.

Tips and tricks to play marvel contest of champions

Below are the useful hints, tips and tricks to play the contest of champions for beginners that include:

Combines the light, medium and also heavy attacks

In this game, winning fights can be very easy, if you learn the initial moves. Once you receive them all, you can easily work on an exact combo by simply performing once the opponent can mix of dodges, dashes as well as medium and light hits.


·         Get your fundamental moves first and then hold your PC tablet on both hands

·         You can practice attacks in 1 Vs 1

·         Block the incoming hits by just tap on your fighter and hold

Special attacks to the rescue

The special attack button is a valuable resource on this game. If you are fighting with a villain or a super hero, you just keep an eye on this special attack button at lower left corner of a screen.


·         Use second or third special attack of 2, 3 or 4 tiered hero

·         Save your special attacks for the key battle moments

·         Just tap on a special attack button, if second or third bar is half-filled

Champion special abilities

Each hero on this game has special abilities such as bleed, nullify and armor breaks. These special abilities can show up for few seconds and then used to react to your abilities and hits of your opponents.


·         To level up your champion, skill such as bleed and regeneration makes them stronger

·         A champion will get injure while fighting

Tips to win opponents in the battle arena

The method of fighting in this game is just cornering your opponents. Once the particular attack bar loaded up, you just tap on a special hit option to use it.


·         When you play quest mode, evaluate a map to know your opponents

·         Be fast and try to attack quickly by tapping or swiping on right soon

·         If you are very slow or not remember your basic moves, it would be only a few seconds before you knock out of the arena

Use dashes and dodges to receive an edge in the battle

Apart from light, medium and heavy attacks, you can also use the dashes and dodges to confuse your opponent. In order to dodge, you just swipe left.


·         If your enemy is too close, the dodging is a perfect

·         Make sure to maintain distance between you and your opponent

Hungry Shark Evolution – 2 Types of In-game Currency!

Like every single arcade game in Hungry Shark Evolution there are mainly two main types of currency present. Therefore, as usually you have to earn both types of in-game currencies in good amount. Now, it’s time to meet with two main types of in-game currency and both main types are as follows –

·         Coins

·         Gems

These are the main two types of currencies and earning them in huge amount is essential for Hungry Shark Evolution players. The more amount of currency players earn in the game the easier they go ahead in the particular game. 

How to earn coins and gems?

One should know that there are many ways present to earn huge amount of coins and gems. Now, its important for the players to know all the ways and then use them to earn currencies. Some of the main ways are as follows – 

1.       One can earn coins and gems in Hungry Shark Evolution by completing lots of objectives and events.

2.       Players also earn gems and coins in unlimited amount by applying hungry shark evolution cheats. It is the easiest method among all to earn currency without playing the game. 

3.       Also, you can buy the in-game currencies in both amount and rewards also by buying them from in-app purchases feature using real-life money. 

Therefore, these are the best 3 methods which players of Hungry Shark Evolution need to use as to earn currency and also to get every single thing they want. 


Moving further, players of the particular game also make use of hacks in Hungry Shark Evolution to achieve all things they want accordingly.

Explanation Of Homescapes In-Game Currencies

The games are known for the funny and entertaining elements. This particular factor is also based on the concept or idea of the game. All games are not containing a similar kind of content or elements. The companies are trying to launch a unique idea which rules the industry. The development idea of Homescapes is completely unique you should visit google store.. In it, players are helping a virtual character to renovate his home by using designing and creative skills It is possible with the proper use of in-game currency. The game is including coins and stars two types of funds. The details about both are mentioned in following paragraphs.

Details related to coins

The coins are the main or primary currency. With its help, players are able to complete the majority of tasks and complete the renovation work. If we talk about match-3 levels then coins are used for following activities –

•         Players can buy boosters for avoiding unfavourable situations

•         By spending coins, players are able to get more moves

The collection of coins are completely based on the completing match-3 levels. When you clear the levels then it will be provided by the game in form of reward.

What about stars?

All games are including a special currency. In case of Homescapes, the stars are the premium currency. In the game, some tasks are assigned with an amount of stars. It is the biggest and main use of the premium currency. Mainly the renovation tasks those are related to the home furnishing are completed by spending stars. The players are able to complete the required amount of stars by achieving match-3 goals. Another important use of stars is helpful in getting information about Austin’s family and complete story. The players should spend the premium currency wisely and by paying attention to its importance by trying Homescapes Cheats 2020.

Hungry Shark Evolution: Best Strategies to Win The Game


Beyond any doubt that Hungry shark evolution is one of the best arcade game on the Playstore and Appstore. The game has a very straightforward and simple concept which is understandable for every player. The game contains so many new features and upgraded 3d graphics. In the game, the main objective is to keep the sharks survive at any cost. In the iOS devices, the game works amazing and realistic also players can earn a lot of gold currencies with the help of Hungry shark evolution hack ios easily.

Best strategies to play the game in a better way

Players can upgrade the sharks at higher levels, which make them stronger and faster, which help them to destroy the objects in the sea and also catch the sea animals faster. To upgrade the sharks, it required Gold and also Gems. Every level of shark required a particular number of currencies which complete the up-gradation of the sharks.

To keep the sharks survive, players have to keep the shark eating, to make it happen players have to control the shark in a good way. Let the shark go in the right direction of the food. The shark will eat automatically when the player keeps the shark in the right direction. The survival of the shark depends on how much the shark eat, let the shark eat whatever comes in the way.

The gold rush is a major part of the game which provides extra strength to a shark for a limited time. With the help of Hungry shark evolution hack ios players can use the power at the beginning of the game. The gold rush provides the extra strength to the shark, which enhances the speed and survival chances of the shark. The gold rush gain by eating as a lot, and the meter of gold rush gets full.

Things to know about My Story game! Few mentioned and explained

Playing sports in the ground is one of the most important things to gain vital health for life. But all are not lucky enough to play games in the outer fields. And for those who cannot go out and play mostly takes the help of mobile games. Although the mobile games will not help you to get fit physically, you can at least gain the right amount of fun and entertainment through mobile games in the home alone. Just relax and play games like My Story, which is quite an exciting game, especially for the female department. The gameplay of the game depends on the decisions you are taking in the game. But at a few places, it is almost become impossible to choose the right choice and in this situation just My Story hack for the maximum benefits in making the right decision.

In this article, we are going to display some essential points to understand the central theme of the game, which is quite beneficial for the game.

The theme of the game

The central idea of the game depends upon the thinking you apply in the decisions.  The whole game is all about making the right decision in different situations. The game will provide your different location where you need to arrange according to the need of the case. But if you find the tasks of the game quite hard then use the My Story hack to get some assistance in completing the duties of the game comfortably.


In the end, we say that game is quite light-hearted, and it involves no violence apart from some small struggle between the characters in the game.