Playing sports in the ground is one of the most important things to gain vital health for life. But all are not lucky enough to play games in the outer fields. And for those who cannot go out and play mostly takes the help of mobile games. Although the mobile games will not help you to get fit physically, you can at least gain the right amount of fun and entertainment through mobile games in the home alone. Just relax and play games like My Story, which is quite an exciting game, especially for the female department. The gameplay of the game depends on the decisions you are taking in the game. But at a few places, it is almost become impossible to choose the right choice and in this situation just My Story hack for the maximum benefits in making the right decision.

In this article, we are going to display some essential points to understand the central theme of the game, which is quite beneficial for the game.

The theme of the game

The central idea of the game depends upon the thinking you apply in the decisions.  The whole game is all about making the right decision in different situations. The game will provide your different location where you need to arrange according to the need of the case. But if you find the tasks of the game quite hard then use the My Story hack to get some assistance in completing the duties of the game comfortably.


In the end, we say that game is quite light-hearted, and it involves no violence apart from some small struggle between the characters in the game.